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Styles and Sizing

  • Shoe Finder - Find the best shoe for you
    Get paired up with the right shoe.  Try our online Shoe Finder. Continue reading
  • How do I choose the right Run Bra?
    A great run bra can be as important to women on the run as a great pair of shoes, and at Brooks we put just as much c... Continue reading
  • What size clothing should I order?
    We find our clothing runs true to size. We recommend starting with the size you typically wear when trying on product... Continue reading
  • Which shoe is best for me?
    In order to find the best shoe for you, we recommend getting a gait analysis and fitting at one of our authorized ret... Continue reading
  • Will you release new colorways throughout the year?
    New colorways are often released throughout the year, if you’d like to know more about a specific model please contac... Continue reading

Technology and Materials

  • What are GuideRails?
    GuideRails® support system is built into the footwear midsole and revolutionize traditional stability technology foun... Continue reading
  • How can I learn about the materials and technology in Brooks shoes?
    Think of us as a tech company with a passion for running shoes. Learn about the technology in our shoes.       Continue reading
  • Are your shoes vegan?
    All of our shoes at Brooks are vegan-friendly, except for our leather Walkers.         Continue reading

Care and Maintenance

  • How long should I use my shoes for?
    When used for its intended purpose, Brooks footwear has an expected lifespan of 500-800 km / 300-500 miles or 6-12 mo... Continue reading
  • How do I clean my shoes?
    How to wash shoes: We recommend following these directions to keep your shoes looking and performing their best. Do n... Continue reading
  • What's the best way to care for my bra?
    While all our run bras are machine washable, here are some tips to give your run bra a longer life: Fasten the hooks... Continue reading
  • Do you offer replacement insoles?
    We are happy to offer replacement insoles to keep your Brooks looking and fitting great. If you require replacement i... Continue reading
  • Do you offer replacement laces?
    We are happy to offer replacement shoelaces to keep your Brooks looking and fitting great. If you require replacement... Continue reading